John Oliver on Photo ID for Voting

It can be understandable to require a form of identification when voting, but not everyone has access to a driver’s license. And yet that is what many states are trying to impose. Requiring citizens to have a photo ID hinders the ability for everyone to have the chance to vote at the polls.

Why is it so complicated to get an ID? In John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight, he told us about Doris Clark, a 68-year-old, who wishes to vote, but needs a photo ID to do that. She tries numerous times to apply for a Pennsylvania voter ID card, but is denied each time. Each time she tries again, she is told that she is missing a document. Even when she does bring what is necessary to get a voter ID card, she is told to bring more, denying her the chance to get a voter ID card and therefore denying her the chance to vote. It may have been simple for you to get an ID, but it’s not the case for everyone. I think John Oliver is right when he says that …

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